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Bioregulators: The Revolutionary Future of Total Biological System Restoration

Bioregulators are natural substances (extracts) derived from animal organs and tissues. Over three thousand years ago, long before pharmaceutical drugs became dominant, the Ebbers Papyrus (1536 BCE) describes more than 800 preparations from animal, mineral, and vegetable sources used to treat Egyptian maladies.

These natural extracts regulate various physiological processes in humans. Bioregulators regulate and normalize gene expression and protein synthesis by interacting with complementary DNA regions. Numerous clinical studies have proven the ability of short-chain peptide bioregulators to induce differentiation of stem cells. Numerous published clinical studies have confirmed that bioregulators stimulate cellular rejuvenation, resulting in tissue and organ regeneration, with no adverse side effects.

Unlike most pharmaceutical drugs, which are taken for a lifetime, easy-to-swallow capsule bioregulators are usually used for short periods, three to four times per year, in 10-20-day cycles. They can also be used at a higher dosage for several years for biological age reversal, organ regeneration, and mortality reduction.

Read this interview with bioregulator creator Professor Vladimir Khavinson on the remarkable role of peptide bioregulators for human health.

Clinical studies have proven bioregulators enhance health and longevity in three ways:

#1: Reverse Your Biological Age

Biological age is an estimator that predicts a person’s health and present life expectancy. It reflects organ and system status- how well your body functions relative to your chronological age. The biological age of a person’s kidneys, liver, heart, immune system, endocrine system, etc., gives us an estimate of the individual’s overall biological age. Are you “older” or “younger” than your chronological age?

A younger biological age potentially results in a longer and healthier life. Like young people with robust immune systems, you can become resilient against common diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart failure.

Bioregulators have been proven to optimize the biomarkers associated with biological aging (lengthened telomeres and modification of DNA methylation of select genes). Additionally, they can slow your annual biological rate “Pace of Aging.” They accomplish this by cellular rejuvenation.

Clinical studies have shown that people using a customized Peptide Bioregulator protocol can experience a 22-year reduction in telomere biological age. The optimal goal for a person sixty or older is the biological age (telomere) of a 30-40-year-old. Over eighty percent of participants in recent clinical trials achieved this in 3-4 years.

#2: Organ Regeneration

Even in the healthiest individuals, our organs and systems deteriorate with time (aging), and our natural bioregulator production gradually decreases. This causes degeneration of organ and system functionality.

Because of the highly selective action of these bioregulators, they are designed to ONLY restore and improve biological activity from the organ they were taken from. Thus, the bioregulator from an animal kidney regenerates the human kidney; the heart bioregulator regenerates the heart; the brain
bioregulator regenerates the central nervous system, etc. The twenty-one natural bioregulator extracts created by Prof. Vladimir Khavinson (see the complete list) can regenerate the major organs, and systems can be restored to a younger and more functional state.

#3: All-Cause Mortality Reduction

In several published clinical studies of six and twelve years, bioregulators have been proven to lower all-cause mortality risk by as much as 60%. This significant mortality reduction was accomplished with only two bioregulators (thymus and pineal). Today, there are twenty-one bioregulators, suggesting even more mortality reduction.

Dr. Steven Horvath’s published studies (UCLA) discovered an Epigenetic Age (DNA Methylation) reduction of seven years less than chronological age, results in a fifty percent reduction in all-cause mortality compared to their same-age peers. Hundreds of lab tests have confirmed that bioregulators can significantly reduce Epigenetic Age.

Dr. Bill Lawrence and Bioregulators From Limitless Longevity


Limitless Longevity is pleased to announce that Dr. Bill Lawrence (JD from UCLA-Law, MS Psychology, Ph.D. Nutritional Science), a highly regarded anti-aging scientist and the world’s leading expert in the use of Peptide Bioregulators, is joining the Limitless team.

He is a biogerontologist affiliated with the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in Russia since 2015, working directly with bioregulator creator Dr. Vladmir Khavinson on anti-aging interventions. Dr. Lawrence said, “I cannot slow time down, but I can add more time by reversing my biological age.”

Dr. Khavinson said, “Bioregulators regenerate organs impaired by aging, disease, and trauma. They are a proven biological reprogramming technology rejuvenating cells to revitalize tissue/organs and entire bodies, ultimately decreasing vulnerability to age-related degeneration and prolonging human life.”

Since 2015, Dr. Lawrence has administered two clinical studies proving bioregulators reverse biological aging and regenerate human organs. Based on the success of the clinical studies (eighty-six percent of the participants are physicians), he created and oversaw the Forever Young Peptide Longevity Program. This program is designed to reverse biological aging biomarkers in humans and potentially regenerate dysfunctional human systems back to youthful levels. Most participants experience a biological age reduction of about seven years each year in the program.

Many bioregulators on the market are counterfeit or need confirmation of authenticity. Dr. Lawrence’s association with Limitless allows us to affirm the authenticity, potency, and purity of each bioregulator manufactured and shipped from our facilities.

Finally, Dr. Lawrence is living proof of the effectiveness of the Forever Young Peptide Longevity Program. He is chronologically 77 years old, but his “cellular” (telomere) age is equivalent to that of a 23-year-old in a prime state of overall health. His ‘epigenetic age,’ measured by the Horvath Epigenetic Clock (DNA/Methylation), is eleven years less than his chronological age and associated with a 75% reduction of all-cause mortality risk compared to his same-age peers. He believes aging interventions will add another thirty years or more to his life.

According to Dr. Lawrence, currently, the bioregulators developed by Dr. Khavinson are the only substances that have human clinical trial evidence that:

  • Reverses human biological age
  • Regenerates human organs and systems
  • Reduces all-cause mortality

Dr. Lawrence is available for longevity consultations and potential participation in his Peptide Longevity Program. Inquire for details.

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Every person has a unique genetic code that tells a story about their health and the future trajectory of their life. Why wait and “guess” until it’s already too late? 

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Upload the collected data to our database and our advanced artificial intelligence applications will meticulously sift through it all to give you precision-targeted recommendations. 

Our team of the world’s most brilliant health coaches and doctors will take a second pass through this data and figure out exactly what is needed for your specific health goals. 

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The Foundational Four: The First And Last Health Supplements You’ll Ever Have To Take

Our flagship products are a breakthrough blend of magnesium, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and the most bioavailable multi-vitamin formulation developed. 

We have gone out of our way to hand-select the most bioavailable forms for each ingredient so they work intracellulary and deliver their promised benefits at the highest potency and duration possible. 


Magnesium is one of many minerals the human body needs for optimal functioning. 

Studies show that its list of health benefits are endless: Increasing bone mineral density while protecting against loss of bone with older age, supporting deeper sleep at night, lowering anxiety levels, enhancing exercise performance, all on top of playing a vital role in bodily functions such as regulating nervous system function and optimal muscle contraction.


The majority of multivitamin products on the market are either (a) lacking in a complete vitamin profile, and/or (b) underdosing each vitamin below clinically proven effective levels to save on manufacturing costs and increase profit margins. 

Our signature multivitamin does not come with a “proprietary” blend where you’re left guessing what you’re getting (or not getting). Take a look for yourself:


Through the use of certain live microbes, we can increase the functioning of our microbiome (gut) for better health. 

Studies show that favorable outcomes include but are not limited to: Protection against gastrointestinal disease, stronger immunity against harmful pathogens, better blood sugar readings, and lower inflammation.



Your digestion system is critical to ensuring every food or drink that goes into your body is completely broken down, fully absorbed, and utilized by your cells for optimal biological functioning. 

Studies show that with digestive enzymes, you’ll have a more efficient breakdown of nutrients for better absorption. That’s on top of treating common digestive issues like bloating, diarrhea, cramps, stalled weight loss, excess gas, and improved digestion of common foods like beans and dairy products. 

Our nutraceuticals cover the vast majority of the world population for every micronutrient, vitamin, mineral, and essential substance a human needs for maximum vitality and performance. 

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