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Your genetic code tells a story. Our experts unlock the code to optimize your health and your life.

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How It Works

Your Tests

Order your tests. We will send your cheek swab kit to your door.

Your Sample

Use the kit’s clear instructions to collect a saliva sample. Only one sample is needed for all genetic tests you order.

Your Sample

Slip your sample into the enclosed labeled package and put it in your mailbox.


Our experts will analyze your sample and identify your genotype.

Your Report

You will receive a notification when you can log-in to our secure portal to read and/or download your report and suggestions.

Choose to discuss your Diet By DNA report with a registered dietician or any report with a provider.


Your report will include links to personalized high-quality supplements. Choose to purchase or save for later.

Genetic Tests

Your genetic code tells a story. Our experts unlock the code to optimize your health and optimize your life.

Praise For Limitless Genetic Testing

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