Limitless Muscle Bioregulator (Gotratix)



Amount Per Capsule

Gotratix® bioregulator complex A-18 (bovine muscle amino acid) – 10mg*

*Daily Value not established

Other ingredients:

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatin and Calcium Stearate

The protein complex in this product is derived from organ meats sourced from EU-reared beef cattle.

Gotratix Muscle Peptide Bioregulator

Gotratix A-18 muscle peptide bioregulator is derived from natural muscle peptides of young bovine sources. It is formulated to potentially support muscle health by addressing peptide deficiencies and restoring protein synthesis within muscle cells. Research has indicated its potential in improving muscle function, particularly for aging individuals and athletes, by combating muscle atrophy and promoting physical efficiency.

Potential Research Applications of Gotratix®

Gotratix peptide complex A-18 is a natural muscle bioregulator that has shown promise in various applications of muscle health and regeneration. Researchers may find the following areas particularly relevant for further investigation.

Muscle health plays a key role in overall well-being by facilitating movement, supporting posture, and assisting in critical functions like breathing and blood circulation. Conditions such as sarcopenia, diabetes, and muscular dystrophy are common, impacting millions globally. These conditions can lead to a reduced quality of life, a higher risk of fractures, and increased healthcare expenses. Research into new treatments is essential, as existing therapies are limited. Advancements in this field could greatly improve patient outcomes by tackling muscle degeneration and improving muscle function.

Muscle Atrophy Prevention: Research indicates that Gotratix may help in preventing muscle atrophy, which is the wasting away of muscle tissue. This could be particularly beneficial for individuals who are bedridden or have conditions that limit their mobility.

Muscle Recovery: Studies suggest that Gotratix could aid in muscle recovery post-exercise or injury. This makes it a potential candidate for research in sports medicine and rehabilitation therapies.

Reduction of Muscle Fatigue: Gotratix has been observed to potentially reduce muscle fatigue, which could be valuable for athletes and individuals engaged in strenuous physical activities. Further research could explore its effectiveness in enhancing endurance and performance.

Age-Related Muscle Decline: As muscle mass and strength tend to decline with age, Gotratix might offer a way to mitigate these effects. Research could focus on its role in maintaining muscle health in older adults.

Metabolic Regulation in Myocytes: The peptide complex in Gotratix may help regulate metabolism within muscle cells (myocytes). This area of research could uncover new insights into metabolic disorders and muscle function.

Protein Synthesis Stimulation: Gotratix might stimulate protein synthesis in muscle tissues, which is important for muscle growth and repair. This potential could be explored in studies related to muscle development and recovery.

Neurogenic Muscle Atrophy: Given its potential effects on muscle health, Gotratix could be studied for its impact on neurogenic muscle atrophy, which is muscle loss due to nerve damage from conditions like multiple sclerosis or ALS.

Therapeutic Areas of Interest

  • Muscle function restoration
  • Muscle system support
  • Geroprotection
  • Athletic performance enhancement
  • Muscle recovery and regeneration

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